17 Essential Web Apps for Dr. Mom

Today’s moms love their gadgets. And, they especially love gadgets that can help them stay organized and keep their families safe and healthy. Today, we’ve put together a list of 17 web applications that moms everywhere will appreciate for how they help them keep their families safe and well.

For the Android

  1. USF Health News: This app offers news information about many health topics, including environmental health issues.
  2. No Dry Clean: Use this application to find cleaners who use alternative methods for clothes cleaning to help you avoid toxic dry cleaning processes. Now that we’ve learned how bad toxic dry cleaning solutions can be, we certainly don’t want to have our families’ clothes cleaned in them.
  3. Travel Advisory Alerts: This application is the perfect one for travelers. It quickly updates you on all travel alerts, including disease outbreaks where you’re traveling.
  4. Health News: Get all the health news you need including alerts about disease outbreaks with this android app. Learn about all the communicable diseases going around in the world, including about the H1N1 in your area. This is another great app for when you’re traveling.
  5. Nutrition Tips: Get tips on feeding your family better with this nutrition app. You can find lots of new ways to feed your family in a more healthy way by learning more about the nutritional contents of the foods you like.
  6. Fast Food Calorie Counter: Every mom caves in and lets the family eat fast food now and then. With this app, you’ll know exactly how many calories your family is consuming. This app tracks and provides data for almost 9000 menu items from 72 fast food restaurants. It tracks calories, fat fiber, carbs and protein.
  7. Vitamins and Minerals: Help improve your family’s nutrition by learning which vitamins and minerals do what, as well as learning which foods contain the ones you’re looking for. Quickly find ways to, for example, increase your family’s fiber intake or find ways to get more vitamin C in your diet.
  8. Safe Neighborhood: This app gives you a visual of the locations of registered sex offenders in your area. It’s a must for all parents.
  9. Ambiance: This application can help you get a cranky or colicky baby to sleep. You can download white noises or even playlists right to your phone.

For the iPhone

  1. Outbreaks Near Me: This application tracks H1N1 outbreaks. Find out if the H1N1 is near you.
  2. Influenza (H1N1) Tracker: This is another H1N1 tracker. It includes the assessment level offered by the World Health Organization.
  3. Food Additives: This app is perfect for parents whose children have food allergies. Find out the effects of the additives in food before you let your kids eat it.
  4. White Noise Lite: This is like the Ambiance application, but for iPhone. Help get baby to sleep with several choices in white noise. Choose ocean waves, rain or crickets. This is a great app for you, too, especially if you travel.
  5. Baby Monitor: Put your iphone near your sleeping baby and it will call the number you designate when baby wakes up. You never have to take a baby monitor with you when you travel again!

For Your Home Computer

  1. Web MD: WebMD is the number one online resource for checking symptoms and helping you determine when you should take your child to see a doctor. Web MD can answer nearly all your medical questions. It’s also a great resource to visit after a diagnosis, to help you understand treatments, etc.
  2. Parenthood: This is a great site for getting your questions about your family’s health, (and many other things) answered. Their “is this normal” section helps you look up symptoms or behaviors to see if they’re normal or if you should be concerned.
  3. Families.com: Whether you’re expecting, a new parent or a seasoned one, you’ll find lots of great advice on all the stages children go through and you’ll even get some good advice about keeping a happy marriage from this great website.

Not only are web applications great for keeping you organized and productive at work; they can also help you be a better Mom. With these apps, you can have all your questions about keeping your family healthy right at your fingertips, and you’ll have a much better idea about when it’s time to make a trip to the doctor, too. New applications are created every day, so be certain to keep track of all the new applications that can help you be a better “Dr. Mom.”

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