7 Ways to Search Online for Nusing Scholaships

Even with rising tuition costs and a down economy, there is more money for education than one might think. Private and government funds for scholarships and grants can be found with a thorough internet search. These sites offer a great starting point for nursing students to find some of these opportunities. Reaching out to your school is also a great way to find more information about financial aid opportunities.

  1. Nursing Scholarships.us has a huge database of public and private scholarships, as well as research grants for undergraduate and graduate degrees in nursing. The database is constantly updated, so keep checking back.
  2. Discover Nursing has an easy to use scholarship search that lets you enter in your state, GPA, ethnicity, and education level. It even tells you how many scholarships have GPA and ethnicity requirements – you might qualify for a scholarship just for being you.
  3. Fastweb is one of the largest scholarship search engines on the internet. You enter in a lot of information into the search categories, so it can find scholarships that uniquely apply to you – your age, education level, your major, military status, and gender.
  4. The Health Resources and Services Administration website has a page of grant and scholarship opportunities for healthcare providers and health professionals. The page lists the name of the scholarship, links to details, and the application due dates.
  5. If you’re a minority interested in nursing, there may be a scholarship for you on the MinorityNurse website. Scholarships are handpicked, which does half of the work for you if you are searching the web for scholarships for minorities.
  6. CampusRN recently launched a scholarship fund for nursing programs and students, with scholarship winners chosen from six different regions across the country. Each scholarship is worth $2,500.
  7. GiveMeScholarships is a site that you will need once you have a few scholarships picked out to apply to. The website is run by a real scholarship judge who gives advice on how to write your application, and ace the interview if there is one. This is a must-read before you put pen to application paper.
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