Top 50 Blogs About the Food Pyramid and Macronutrients

Macronutrition is relatively uncontroversial: there are, by most accounts, three macronutrients: carbohydrates, protein and fat. These three macronutrients provide your body with energy. When it comes to what ratios of macronutrients should be consumed, there is a great deal of debate, and when it comes to nutrition in general, there is huge debate, some of it centering around the USDA’s 2005 Food Pyramid. If you are a nurse, you may be interested in the debate to help your patients develop a healthier diet.

There are few updated blogs based entirely on the two topics of nutrition and macronutrients, but the following list includes articles which have appeared on updated blogs, first about the Food Pyramid, then about macronutrients. Visit each blog to learn more about health, fitness and nutrition.

CranberriesBlogs with articles about the Food Pyramid

  1. Food Pyramid blog: This blog is all about how to shop and good nutrition, including recipes and coupons.
  2. Serious Eats — “Should we get rid of the Food Pyramid?”: brief history of the Food Pyramid plus a discussion of a new critique [PDF] about it.
  3. Popular Fidelity — “The New Food Pyramid”: discussion of the USDA’s 2005 MyFoodPyramid design and its effects on nutrition.
  4. Circle of Food — “The Official College Food Pyramid”: spoof on the Food Pyramid, contains Buffalo Wings, beer, Red Bull, carbs, etc.
  5. Lifehacker — “How To Use The Food Group Pyramid For Better Eating”: An intense look at the food pyramid, including tips on how to use the food pyramid for better eating.
  6. Planet Lactose “History of the Food Pyramid”: discussion of a history of the Food Pyramid which appeared on the Lifehacker article immediately above.
  7. Club Fritch — “Paleo/Primal Food Pyramid”: one blogger’s idea of a Food Pyramid for optimal health; features dairy at the tops, fats and meats at the bottom.
  8. Discover Magazine — “Stone Age Food Pyramid includes flour made from wild grains”: article on magazine blog.
  9. GrapesSustainable Food — “Industries Pressure USDA to Keep Meat and Dairy in Food Pyramid”: discusses how “Big Food” is trying to keep the public from feeling they should cut back on meat and dairy.
  10. WhoisLiz — “Before the four food groups and the food pyramid, there was this list of (mostly) enjoyable things to eat”: a list of food groups culled from an unspecified magazine.
  11. Healthy Fellow — “Food Pyramid Follies”: the purpose of the site is to assist patients and physicians in improving the quality of health care. This article suggests better nutrition education.
  12. Endeavors in Domestic Art — “Vegetarian Pregnancy Food Pyramid”: the important nutrients needed during pregnancy.
  13. iHealth Bulletin News — “Dietary Guidelines, Food Pyramid Criticized”: article about the Dietary Guidelines which are the basis for the USDA Food Pyramid.
  14. blogs — “Re-thinking the Food Pyramid: UDSA Aims for Superior Guide”: An article on the efforts to come up with a better guide for healthy eating.
  15. BioMed Central — “Food Pyramid May Require Change”: articles states that the current food pyramid model is believed by scientists to be contributing to widespread obesity.
  16. Psych Central 360 Degrees of Mindful Living — “Update USDA Food Pyramid”: article about how eating changes who we are, so we should not eat mindlessly.
  17. Health News Review Blog — “Industry attempts to influence the Food Pyramid”: response to an article, “Looking at the Food Pyramid” in the Chicago Tribune.
  18. Friends Eat Blog — “Corruption Behind the Food Pyramid Parts I & II”: article alleges the original food pyramid suggested more fruits and vegetables, less starch.
  19. LettuceZen to Fitness — “Is The Food Pyramid is upside-down?” This blogger supports a pyramid with a large fruit-and-vegetable base.
  20. Diet and Health Blog — “Food Pyramid”: This post looks at a variety of food pyramids, including the Latin American variation.
  21. Daily Vegetarian Recipes Blog — “New Food Pyramid vs. the Old Food Pyramid.”
  22. AMBI — “Finally, a Bariatric Food Pyramid”: Bariatric patients will tell you the key to weight loss success is long term diet and lifestyle modifications.
  23. Heylog — “Improved Vegans’ Food Pyramid”: A blogger creates yet another food pyramid based upon vegan eating patterns.
  24. Food Renegade — “Throw Out The USDA Food Pyramid?”: Why does the DGAC continue to recommend dietary guidelines that are making the public more fat and unhealthy?
  25. OLLI — “Modified Food Pyramid”: This short piece offers two links to modified pyramids and one for older adults.
  26. Give it to me raw “A raw food pyramid”: This pyramid eliminates meats and dairy.

CitrusBlogs with articles about macronutrients

  1. Free Fitness Tips — “The 3 Macronutrients Explained: Carbohydrates, Fats & Protein”: Article explains carbohydrates, fats, and protein.
  2. Mel’s Blog: This article is concerned about counting calories and macronutrients.
  3. Better Body Journal — “Macro-liscious: Breaking Down the Macronutrients”: Article on macronutrients, what they do for you, how they do it and why they do it.
  4. The Fit Club Network — “Protein/Carbs/Fat… Our Macronutrients”: the difference between them and how each can help or hurt your fitness progress.
  5. Nutrition Data — “Caloric Ratio Search tool”: gives pyramid with percentages of macronutrients and lists foods for each percentage.
  6. Eating Well on the Planet Earth — “Macronutrients are a big part of your diet.”: This article goes into detail about macronutrients.
  7. Her Rochester — “Plateau Buster #4 Change your macro nutrient routine”: This is one step in a series that may help individuals lose more weight and energize metabolism.
  8. Disease Proof — “Food Scoring Guide: Macronutrients”: This entry gives percentages of macronutrients in ten sample foods.
  9. TriMarni — “Day #5: Understanding Macronutrients”: This blog entry talks about how macronutrients affect diets.
  10. Gymper — “Water, Vitamins & Minerals – nutrients for bodybuilders”: This article focuses on the micronutrients that balance macronutrients.
  11. Onsite Nutrition — “Carbohydrates, Protein, and Fat; what are they, why do I need them, and what food are they in?”
  12. The Raw Food World — “More on Macronutrients & Micronutrients, episode #580”: A video that delves deeper into nutrients.
  13. — “Understanding Macronutrients”: Macronutrients provide the body with energy while micronutrients do not provide the body with energy.
  14. PaNu — “Eliminate sugar and refined carbohydrates like white flour”: step one is gaining some basic knowledge of macronutrients.
  15. Good Health — “Health & Nutrition”: Explains macronutrients as energy-boosters.
  16. The Fitness Buster — “Nutrition Blue Print”: Learn how nutrients work together to build healthy lifestyles.
  17. Family Health Avenue — “Muscle Weight Gain”: This article explains why every meal should contain macronutrients.
  18. — “Check out… How Nutrients Work? What Macronutrients Do? What Micronutrients Do?” Find the answers here.
  19. MacronutrientsAnton Health & Nutrition — “Finding Your Macro-Nutrient Ratio — What’s Your Carb Tolerance?”: This post includes a podcast.
  20. Wellsphere — Every Wellsphere article about macronutrients can be found in this menu.
  21. The Great Balancing Act — “Macronutrients: The Daily Jigsaw”: A great article with visual solutions.
  22. ecomii — “Fats”: This article discusses different types of fats (one of the three macronutrients), which are needed and which are harmful.
  23. Cure Zone — “Healthy Eating = Healthy Living – Lose Weight the Right Way; 7. Macronutrient ratios”: article discusses why a calorie is not just a calorie.
  24. — “Macronutrients”: article provides general definition and purpose, then description of each macronutrient.
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