20 Best iPad Apps for Healthcare Professionals

There are a variety of ways to use an iPad; from a personal reading device to a small laptop. Many medical professionals are finding that their iPads are also great tools for work. With the right applications, you can stay organized and productive. You can even use the iPad to help diagnose illnesses and prescribe medications.

Check out these 20 iPad applications that we think healthcare professionals will love. You’re sure to want to add all of them to your iPad right away.

  1. Human Body 3D Anatomy: Great anatomy reference tool for the iPad.
  2. iAnatomy: Another anatomy app. This one lets you view cross sections of the body via actual CT scans.
  3. Fit Link: This is a fitness community, and more! You can keep a workout journal, determine which exercises you need to be doing and even track your progress. But, you can also use it to help recommend fitness and health activities for patients.
  4. Outbreaks Near Me: This application is based on health map and is being used regularly by medical professionals to track the H1N1 flu outbreaks. The application was created by researchers at Children’s Hospital in Boston with help from MIT. This app is also available for the Android.
  5. Influenza (H1N1) Tracker: Much like Swine Flu News Tracker, this application is specifically for informing about H1N1. This app breaks information down by country. However, within the US, you can also get it broken down by state, and includes the assessment level offered by the World Health Organization.
  6. FDA Mobile: Information on this app comes directly from the US Food and Drug Administration. It’s a great application to help you keep up with food warnings, drug interactions and even disease outbreaks. You can also keep up to date on when the latest medical treatments and drugs receive their FDA approval.
  7. CDC News Reader: This is all the outbreak information you need to know, straight from the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta. Essentially, it sends you the latest news reports coming out of the CDC, including disease outbreaks, emergency preparedness and travel notices.
  8. Skyscapes Medical Bag: A medical bag full of clinical tools for your iPad.
  9. MedScape: This is the most comprehensive free medical app on the web.
  10. Eponyms: Learn all your medical terms and symptoms for diseases with this Eponyms application.
  11. Taber’s Medical Dictionary: This is an iPad friendly version of the Taber’s Medical Dictionary.
  12. 3D Teeth: Great for dentists, this app shows you 3D images of teeth. It also contains tons of reference information.
  13. MedCalc: This app helps you figure dosing for prescribing medications.
  14. Blausen Human Atlas: View 3D medical animations with a cross searchable medical term glossary. This app is designed to help healthcare professionals improve how they communicate with patients. It’s also a great learning tool.
  15. PediStat: This app contains tons of medical information specific to working with children. It’s a must for pediatric nurses, PA’s and those working in the ER.
  16. Davis’ Drug Guide: This is the comprehensive Davis Drug Guide in form for your iPad. It requires a yearly subscription fee, so that you can get updates.
  17. Epocrates: One of the most comprehensive drug reference guides in a form for iPad.
  18. Neuromind: Look into the mind with this app that offers images as well as reference information.
  19. Medical Lab Tests: This application helps you quickly find normal lab values. It includes normal ranges for more than 100 blood tests.
  20. iRadiology: This application is great for students. It allows you to review radiology concepts and images. Use it to compare images of your patients.

Whether you’re a doctor who carries his iPad on rounds, or a medical administrator who uses the iPad to learn more about the clinical side of business, these apps are sure to help you stay informed on many different types of illnesses, drugs and treatments, as well as help you stay organized and informed. Your iPad can truly be one of your most useful tools in the hospital.

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