25 Helpful Q&A Sites to Decide if a Nursing Degree is Right for You

There are many difficult questions to ask and answer when studying for a nursing degree. One of the first is probably “is nursing right for me?” As many nurses before have asked, the answer isn’t always the same for everyone. With different nurses having various job responsibilities and career opportunities, getting a single response isn’t the way to go.

To help go the right way, we have gathered 25 Q & A sites to decide if a nursing degree is right for you. They have everything from true life nurses sharing the story of their decisions, education, and experience, to hotlines and websites where you can ask a real nurse your very real questions.

Helpful Q&A Sites for Asking Nurses

What better way to decide if a nursing degree is right for you than to ask an actual nurse? Use the below to send in your questions to real life nurses.

  1. Ask a Nurse Now
    They have registered nurses online at all hours to answer questions. There is also a massive nurse-approved library with loads of articles and eBooks on health. There are also other resources, products, and services available.
  2. Live Person
    This site often links experts with those who are seeking answers. In this special section for health, you can find doctors, nurses, and other health professionals. There are also loads of other categories to find experts in.
  3. NHS Direct
    If you live in the UK, you can check out the site of the National Health Service here. They have online tools, as well as a hotline you can call. You can also use it to find your nearest healthcare facility.
  4. Ask the Nurse
    This ask and answer tool is provided by Nurse Friendly. Simply type in your question to begin. You can also scroll down to find other Q & A sites.
  5. Med Help
    This is one of the most active online message boards regarding health. Many professionals, including doctors and nurses, regularly stop here to chime in on questions. You can also use it to search for items just for nurses.
  6. Ask the Nurse Expert
    This nurse took to the blogosphere to answer loads of questions. Read the answers here with a visit. You can also send in your own question.
  7. Centura Health
    Need to talk to a nurse now? Then check out this site to see if one of their facilities is in your area. They also have a call center open during regular business hours that takes calls.
  8. McKesson
    Similar to the above, they have an ask a nurse option. Simply use their tool to find a facility in their area. They even offer an ask a nurse option for healthcare providers.

Helpful Q&A Group Sites to Decide if a Nursing Degree is Right for You

Others have asked if a nursing degree is right for them, and you can read the answers below.

  1. Is Nursing Right for Me?
    A while ago, this user posted the question to the massive community at Indeed.com. There are dozens of answers available for the reading here. You can also learn more about nursing jobs on the site.
  2. Nurse Zone
    Similar to the above, this question was posed to the community. The poster was going for a BSN and asked the community more. There are also many other questions and answers on the site.
  3. Nursing School FAQ
    If you have a question about nursing school, chances are the answer is here. They have a general answer sheet here. There are also guides for various nursing degrees.
  4. Registered Nurse RN
    The blogger here takes the time to ask if nursing is the right choice. If it’s worth it and how to become an RN are also shared. Be sure to check out the other nursing resources while you’re there.
  5. If Nursing is Right for Me?
    Get a video answer to this question from All Nurses.com. You can also scroll down to get text answers to the question. The main site has sections on news, specialty nursing, and one just for students.
  6. About My Job
    This blogger took a moment to post all about what being a nurse is like. The registered nurse didn’t enjoy the schooling aspect but did like the flexibility. There are many other true life stories about jobs at the site as well.
  7. Which Nursing Degree is Right for Me?
    If you know you want to be a nurse, but not which degree, click here. Nursing Link takes the time to explain the pro’s and con’s of various nursing educations. They also have other items on becoming a nurse.
  8. Careers: Nursing
    If you have even more questions on whether becoming a nurse is right for you, stop here. The people at All Experts have this special section for nursing with many real life questions and answers. A few samples include full time RN’s and international nursing.

Helpful Educational Q&A Sites to Decide if a Nursing Degree is Right for You

Learn more about the educational aspects of becoming a nurse below.

  1. How to Become a Nurse
    Learn the basics of becoming a nurse from Student Doc. They offer this detailed post on the profession. You can also read related items on nurse salary and nurse practitioning.
  2. 10 Steps to Becoming a Nurse
    Become a nurse in just 10 steps with the help of Nursing Link. From learning about the nursing profession to your first year as a nurse, they have it all. The main site also has career advice, a network, and other resources.
  3. Nursing Profession Education
    This blog is dedicated to education, tools, services, and support for the nursing profession. This entry is all about becoming a nurse. There are others for types of nursing, history, nursing school, and more.
  4. Health Careers
    Andrea Santiago has worked in the healthcare industry in medical sales, consulting, training, and recruiting. In this blog for About.com, she discusses a variety of health careers, including nursing. It is an excellent resource for anyone looking to go into the profession.
  5. Thinking About Nursing School?
    The experts at College Boards have loads of information for students. In this section, they discuss all things nursing school. The options, choosing a program, and more are all taken on.
  6. How to Get Your RN Degree
    The Inner Body is an online guide to human anatomy. Here, they take a break from the usual to discuss how to get an RN degree. There are also many other resources for nurses and nursing students.
  7. Nursing: The Basics
    Learn what you need to know about nursing from Discover Nursing. This section has everything on what you need before and during nursing school. There are also profiles of real nurses you can read more about.
  8. Taking the NCLEX
    Have a question on the exam nurses take? Then stop here to get loads of answers. The Cybermuse links to pass rates, prep, study guides, and more.
  9. 100 Reasons to Become a Nurse
    Still need convincing? Then stop by this article that gives 100 reasons to become a nurse. All the aspects from education to practice are discussed.

And the above 25 helpful Q & A sites to decide if a nursing degree is right for you are just the beginning. There are loads of guidance professionals and counselors who can answer questions for you in more detail. The web also has helpful information on items such as scholarships and grants for nurses and http://adntobsn.org/articles/whats-the-average-salary-for-a-nurse-with-a-bsn/ average salary for nurses.

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