20 Informative Forums for Professional Nurses

Part of learning to be a nurse, especially when working up the career ladder to a BSN degree, is to become adjusted to social media. Facebook and Twitter, however, are newcomers when compared to socializing via bulletin boards, message boards, and forums. The following 20 informative forums for professional nurses include long-timers such as Allnurses, and relative newcomers to the scene, such as the NP forum for Nurse Practitioners, which started in 2010. The following list is divided into general nurse forums, which tackle a variety of nursing topics to specific nurse forums, which focus on travel nurses, midwifes, and other nurse specialties.

  1. Nursing StudentsAllnurses.com: This site asks nurses and nursing students to register to talk about everything concerning this career field. General Nursing is a safe environment where nurses can communicate with other like-minded individuals. The Nursing Specialties section hosts over 50 nursing forums to network, share trends, discuss nursing care, and educate nurses about specific nursing practice areas. Other topics include critical care, advanced practice nursing (APN), and education.
  2. Nurse.com: By joining this community, you can have access to post topics, communicate privately with other members (PM), respond to polls, upload content and access many other special features. Topics include continuing education, general nursing discussions, critical care nursing, oncology and pediatrics, and management and leadership nursing.
  3. Nurse Connect: This forum is an online nursing community and networking site for nurses and other healthcare professionals interested in advancing their education, careers and personal lives by sharing experiences and knowledge with others. NurseConnect is owned and operated by AMN Healthcare, Inc. AMN Healthcare has more than 21 years of experience in healthcare staffing, providing travel nurse staffing assignments, locum tenens (temporary physician) positions and permanent placement services for physicians and allied health professionals.
  4. Nurse Forum: This forum is sponsored by able2know, which is committed to providing services free of charge. Topics include travel nursing, per diem nursing, and permanent nursing jobs. The most used topic is the Nursing News, with 38,170 posts.
  5. NurseTogether: NurseTogether offers unique articles, forums, job searches, career tools, and resources for the global community of nurses, nursing students, and those considering a career in nursing. Register to participate in the forums, and also to receive special offers only for members of this web site. Discuss your career, education or issues facing the profession in the weekly online Online Chat events, and share leisure and professional interesting in their nursing groups.
  6. Nurse Zone: NurseZone.com is an online community dedicated to providing nurses with professional and personal development information and opportunities. They provide student nurses, new graduates and experienced nurses with the resources they need to succeed in this unique and exciting profession. Users can find a wealth of helpful content, from nursing experts’ tips and advice to features on new medical trends, the latest nursing practices, inspiring personal stories, community forums and blogs, and links to continuing education courses, jobs and a variety of nursing-related web sites.
  7. Nurses Forum: Nurses Forum is dedicated to honoring excellence in the nursing profession. Their purpose is to provide global online information to the nursing community. You can search for the latest nursing jobs, locate nursing schools and read nursing articles and news. You are invited to join the nursing forums and participate in discussions. Your knowledge, thoughts and experience in the field of nursing are greatly needed and appreciated. Their travel nursing and travel nurse jobs topics are the most popular.
  8. NurseNursing Link: NursingLink is not your company’s HR web site, not an anonymous job board, but something new and different: a place where your lifelong career needs come home to roost. Whether you’re a newbie (wondering if nursing is for you) or a veteran, this forum aims to serve you. They bring the tools, content and community you need to get you through your work life. They also offer news, education resources, job search, career networking, advice, and mentorship are just a few of those benefits. NursingLink is part of Monster Worldwide.
  9. Nursing Voices: This forum is a friendly site created by nurses for nurses. This is a newer format that contains only 824 threads, but it also contains over 14,000 members. The most popular topic is general nursing, followed by general nursing topics and a student section.
  10. Pro + Nurse UK Nurses Forum: ProNurse is a career-based social networking site for nurses. It’s not an HR web site that tries to turn everything into a positive and it’s not a bland job board. It’s a powerful resource that is fueled by nurses themselves. ProNurse brings nurses together to provide resources and services to advance careers and take advantage of everything a community site has to offer. ProNurse is part of Monster Worldwide.

Specialty Nurse Forums

  1. Foreign Nurses Forum: This forum is for nurses who are working in foreign countries. Topics include the certification test process (NCLEX, etc.), general discussion, and a focus on Philippine nurses.
  2. Midwifery Today Community: Sponsored by the magazine of the same name, this forum focuses on U.S. midwifery topics. You may also find a few blogs written by Midwifery Today staff members and special friends, as well as other goodies.
  3. North American Registry of Midwives: This forum is for the discussion of all things related to midwifery, and is sponsored by NARM. Topics include advocacy, conferences, testing, and a “student alley” for student midwives.
  4. Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA) Forums: You must register to view most discussions and gain access to the other features on this site devoted to CRNAs. By joining this free community you can have access to post topics, communicate privately
    with other members (PM), respond to polls, upload content and access many other special features.
  5. NP Forum: This forum for nurse practitioners opened in December, 2010. Topics include general NP discussion, state-specific discussions, the NP business, and contracts, negotiations and malpractice issues.
  6. Nurse RN Jobs Forum: The job site, Indeed, sponsors a forum for nurses — specifically RNs — to talk about jobs and RN news. Some topics include immigration, foreign nursing, other degree possibilities, and graduate questions.
  7. NurseThe Midwifery Sanctuary: This forum provides a ‘sanctuary’ for midwives, students, and anyone else with an interest in this topic.
  8. The ONC: Scroll down to see the message boards available, but you must register and log in to read them. This site is for the oncology nurse community, and it supports and connects oncology nurses, encourages knowledge sharing, and optimizes cancer care. Topics include cancer and palliative care, symptom and pain management, and survivorship. The ONC is supported by an unrestricted grant from Bristol-Myers Squibb.
  9. Traveler Space Forum: If you’re looking to hear about assignments, hospitals, cities and anything else that’s important to you, then this may be your forum. Post a question or comment and let the feedback roll in. You have to register to make a post. If you just want to read through the chatter… go right ahead. Just click on the topic you want to find out more about and see what people have to say about hospitals, locations, and traveling nurses.
  10. Ultimate Nurse: This site focuses on nursing jobs and travel nursing, and the busiest topics in this forum include nursing jobs, nursing news and general nursing discussions. Other topics include discussions about nurse recruiters, travel nurse companies, travel partners, and travel nurse housing.
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