30 Must-See YouTube Videos for Nursing Students

Nursing school is difficult, but you can ease your studies with the help of instructional videos. Schools, hospitals, and nursing students produce videos to instruct, inform, and enlighten. Recent RN graduates are producing some of the best videos in question-and-answer formats, helping fellow students with the ins and outs of nursing school and various degree options. These videos are informal and hit close to home for students who are confused about which direction to take with their nurse education. Students may learn from many of these videos that employers are seeking nurses who have more than an associate’s degree. This list includes single videos and entire channels devoted to nursing education and careers.

Nurse Education

Shanghai Nurses

  1. How is health IT affecting nursing education trends: Willa Fields, DNSc, RN, FHIMSS, is a member of the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) Board of Directors and nursing educator. In this video, she talks about how health IT is changing the face of nursing education…not just what nurses are taught, but also how they are taught.
  2. How to write a nursing diagnosis: Simple steps for learning how to write a nursing diagnosis.
  3. Nursing Education: Hospitals across the country are searching for nurses, but many want their new hires to have more than an associate’s degree.
  4. Nursing Education Assessment Demonstration: Assessment is vital to improving nursing education. In partnership with the American Association of Critical-Care Nurses (AACN), Educational Benchmarking, Inc. (EBI) has designed sophisticated, user-friendly nursing benchmarking assessments based on CCNE standards for accreditation. Using these standards, their nursing assessments provide you with the insight you need to make targeted, meaningful changes backed by hard data.
  5. Nursing Profession: Study Skills for Nursing Students: Find out how to make nursing school easier with help from a board-licensed practical nurse in this free eHow video on nursing and becoming a nurse.
  6. Part 1: The Effect of Off-Peak Hospital Environments on Nurses’ Work: This three-part video portrays a project that uses Institutional Ethnography (IE) to situate nursing in the center of an interdisciplinary approach to learn how and why off-peak work environments are different, and how they affect nurses’ work and patient care.
  7. Straight Talk for New Nursing Graduates: Adrianne O’Brien of ADVANCE for Nurses speaks with recruiters who hire nursing graduates about the hiring environment for new nurse graduates in the current shaky economy.

Types of Nursing

Charity Hospital

  1. Critical Care Nurse: Day in The Life: MemorialCare Medical Centers in Southern California shares a look at a nurse’s day in an intensive care unit (ICU). The nurse in this video talks about the nursing shortage as well as her rewarding challenges on the job.
  2. Danielle, a Nurse with a Disability: Born missing a limb from her elbow, Danielle found ways to succeed in nursing school, graduate, and land a job as a pediatric nurse.
  3. Day in the Life: ER Nurse: Will Cristobal discusses what it is like to be an emergency room nurse and the path he took to enter this career.
  4. Flight Nurse | Nursing Has Many Exciting Career Options! Julie Zurek is a Flight Nurse who shares her career path.
  5. Men in Nursing: This is a video of men in nursing from different nursing schools in California.
  6. Nursing Degrees: A review about the qualifications or personality and skills a nurse should possess, different types of nursing careers available, and the educational requirements necessary for those jobs.
  7. Nurses documentary: Scene from new documentary, entitled, “The Bag of Knees — on the Lives and Careers of Nurses on the Ward.”
  8. Nursing Jobs: What Do LPNs Do? eHow offers a look at LPNs, or licensed practical nurses. Find out how LPNs do reporting, monitoring of vital signs and basic wound care with help from a licensed registered nurse (RN) in this free video on nursing jobs and health care.
  9. Pediatric Nurse: Few professional assignments are more rewarding than pediatric nursing in an acute care environment, and new nursing school graduates face formidable challenges.
  10. What does a nurse-midwife do? Jackie Tillett explains what it means to be a nurse-midwife and how they do much more than just deliver babies.

Educational Channels

Canberra Hospital

  1. CliniSnips: This channel offers videos on venipuncture, simple suturing techniques, and how to put on sterile gloves using aseptic technique. Short and to the point, CliniSnips is part of PocketSnips, a project that advances continuing medical education and continuing professional development for health professionals throughout northern Ontario.
  2. Focusmedica: Focus Medica is committed to simplifying medicine through the use of visual media. Learn about topics such as irritable bowel syndrome, spasticity, and menopause.
  3. Franz3877: This RN collects videos called, “Nursing Reviews,” and cover topics such as placenta abruption, types of insulin, and signs of cancer.
  4. Sessions for Nurses: Dear Nurses brings over 30 year’s of experience in different clinical settings to viewers through humorous illustrations and case studies. Areas covered include neurotrama, ICU, post-anesthesia care unit (PACU), emergency room (ER), pediatric and maternity care, liver transplant ICU, and many more specialties. The author is Margaret Agaard, RN, BSN, CCRN.
  5. Sterilefield: This channel offers what you might expect — videos on how to conduct various procedures in a sterile environment. The series includes items such as medication through a saline lock, subcutaneous injection, and drawing up from a vial.

Nurse Channels

Pediatric Nurse

  1. Journey Of A Young RN: Nurse Brit is a 24-year-old RN who works in an emergency room.
  2. Julianne’s Nursing School World: Julianne is a nursing student shares her experiences as a nursing student, “the good, the bad, and the awesome!”
  3. My life as a Nurse: Nurse Stephen started this channel to bring a male voice to the current YouTube nursing world. He answers questions, provides tips, and shares ideas.
  4. Nurse Nacole: This RN video blogs about her experiences as she returns school to earn her BSN.
  5. Nursing Collaboration: This is a collaborative channel, where a number of nurses provide their perspectives on nursing.
  6. Nursing Experiences: This nurse shares her nursing experiences with peers. She also hopes to encourage new viewers to try the “crazy, chaotic, but adventurous world of nursing.”
  7. Nursing Student 2011: This “older” mother of three is back in school, studying for her ADN-RN.
  8. SUBSCRIBE SUBSCRIBE SUBSCRIBE! This male RN answers questions about nursing school, various types of degrees, and experiences on the job.
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