Health care professionals recognize that preventing an illness is far more desirable than treating it after onset. Reducing the risk factors for common illnesses and injuries brings health care costs down and quality of life up in the near and far terms. Since stress has been linked to many medical problems, from hair loss to back pain, the reduction of stress is an important part of any preventive regimen. Regularly practicing yoga and meditation helps increase physical fitness and decrease stress, and is a great way to maintain physical and mental health. These sites offer tips on how to incorporate yoga and meditation into a beneficial daily routine.


  1. Anacostia Yoga

    Anacostia Yoga is named after the neighborhood in which it was founded, located in the heard of Washington D.C. The demand for the yoga classes has been extraordinary and has expanded to include pilates, zumba, and African Martial Arts, among others.

    Zen Moment Yoga in Anacostia

  2. Mastery of Meditation, Yoga, and Zen is a blog for yoga enthusiasts that focuses on how to correctly do various yoga poses. The site also has videos of yoga sessions and links to free books.

    Zen Moment Meditation Certification

  3. Bram Levinson Yoga

    After a massive change in the direction he desired to drive his life in, Bram Levinson found himself working to become a yoga instructor, not only for the benefit of his own life, but for others as well. Based in Montreal, Bram frequently leads yoga retreats around the world.

    Zen Moment Retreats

  4. Curvy Yoga

    Curvy Yoga is designed to provide yoga classes and courses for curvier women who often feel intimidated when attending yoga classes locally. There are countless benefits to regularly engaging in yoga and the object of Curvy Yoga is to provide a place for curvy students to engage without being as self-conscious.

    Zen Moment Curvy Yogis, Represent!

  5. What Meditation Really Is

    What Meditation Really Is helps align readers unfamiliar with yoga and meditation practices with a higher quality of information to better educate on the benefits of being actively involved in the yoga world.

    Zen Moment Community

  6. Five Points Yoga

    Five Points Yoga is located in the Boston area and specializes in a variety of yoga teachings, along with prenatal yoga. The studio instructor, Barrett Lauck Reinhorn is a Yoga Alliance Experience-Registered Yoga Teacher at the 500 hour level.

    Zen Moment Blog

  7. Flowtation Devices

    Flowtation Devices chronicles the South Jersey/Philadelphia-area resident Jennifer and her quest to overcome problems in her hip through yoga and dance. She blogs and discusses various techniques she is using and provides detailed updates.

    Zen Moment Where I Go, Who I Know

  8. Improve our Conscious Contact

    Improve our Conscious Contact is devoted to helping recovering alcoholics through the worshipping of God. Material is frequently supplemented with items from the bible and alcoholics anonymous books.

    Zen Moment Finding Resources For Your Journey

  9. Linda’s Yoga Journey

    Linda’s Yoga Journey is a straight-to-the-point blog about her love for yoga and the difficulties she has faced over the years. The blog is very engaging and has a personal tone that welcomes the reader.

    Zen Moment India Stories

  10. Starr Struck

    Mary Catherine Starr resides in Arlington, Virginia and quit her job two years ago to pursue being a yoga Instructor. She says the change to her life has made her so much happier and regularly blogs about yoga-related subjects.

    Zen Moment How To Know When You’re Ready For Yoga Teacher Training

  11. Meditation Center

    The Meditation Center is a great resource for those looking for steps on different yoga techniques or people looking for responses through yoga to how they are feeling. Jim Malloy runs the site and has been awarded with numerous accolades in the yoga community.

    Zen Moment One To One Instruction

  12. Five Minute Yoga

    Five Minute Yoga is designed to help those looking to develop their yoga skills at home. Additionally, there is an app that is a convenient way to supplement the website and have yoga exercises on the go.

    Zen Moment Blog

  13. Padmani

    YuMee Chung is a former securities lawyer who decided to become a yoga teacher because she found so much more enjoyment in it. She also runs a yoga blog attached to the site and frequently updates with local, national, and worldwide events.

    Zen Moment Classes

  14. Shine the Divine

    Shine the Divine is a blog that is incredibly dense with content for those involved in yoga. The author has overcome great obstacles in her life and still finds the brightest moments.

    Zen Moment Healing and Wholeness Resources

  15. Thais Guimaraes

    After Thais Guimaraes graduated from Boston University with a bachelors degree in finance, she went into yoga studies and now is a holistic health coach at the Institute of Integrative Medicine. Her blog covers subjects within yoga, but also how to lead a more fulfilling life.

    Zen Moment Services

  16. The VeganAsana

    The VeganAsana details two passions of the author, veganism and yoga. The blog posts on the site include vegan recipes and workout tips, as well as insightful yoga tips.

    Zen Moment You Are, And Are Not, What You Eat

  17. White Light Yoga

    White Light Yoga provides some introductory info for becoming further involved with yoga. It explains how yoga can be beneficial to those involved in other sports, among other useful information.

    Zen Moment Articles on Yoga

  18. Alive in the Fire

    Alive in the Fire is a blog run by a woman named Rachel who is currently saving up enough money to complete her 200-hour teacher training program. She is committed to yoga due to the benefits for herself, such as less stress and anxiety attacks.

    Zen Moment Guerilla Yoga

  19. Its All About Yoga

    It’s All About Yoga is full of detailed blog entries that muse on the benefits of yoga in many aspects of life, from energy to relationships, among others.

    Zen Moment Energy Zap

  20. Learning Meditation

    Learning Meditation seeks to align readers with less stress and more relaxation by means of meditation. The site advises on various elements to improving your everyday environment.

    Zen Moment Meditation Room

  21. The Meditation Blog

    The Meditation Blog runs through different topics in the meditation community. Posts range from upcoming events to interesting books relevant to meditation.

    Zen Moment Observing Ego 1

  22. Meditation Oasis

    Mediation Oasis was created as a response to the success of the Meditation Oasis Podcasts and acts as a forum for discussing the podcasts and other information relevant to meditiation.

    Zen Moment Courses

  23. True Yoga Inc

    After moving to Dallas, yoga classes were the catalyst for Leanne to change her life to be more aligned with seeking happiness. She started True Yoga and believes that working on helping people work towards personal development is the most productive way she can live her life.

    Zen Moment True Yoga Blog

  24. Yoga in the Dragon’s Den

    Yoga in the Dragon’s Den is a blog at a cross-section of pop culture, yoga and meditation, and philosophy. It seamlessly flows from one area to another, tying them together for what are ultimately satisfying reads.

    Zen Moment Cahturanga for the brain, chess for the body

  25. Yoga Healer

    Yoga Healer is run by Cate Stillman, a Living Foods Ayurveda Expert, Yogini, and author, who educates people on how to eat the healthiest, live the longest, be in the best shape, and be the happiest mentally and spiritually.

    Zen Moment 1-On-1

  26. WildMind

    WildMind was created after the creator realized the lack of meditation material online as she was a professor at the University of Montana. She created the website to make a more accessible forum for people wanting more resources for mediation.

    Zen Moment Applied Meditation

  27. Yoga With Nadine

    Nadine Fawell runs a mobile yoga business and travels all over Melbourne, Australia to work with people. Her blog frequently looks at different issues in the yoga realm, from positions to ethics in the studio.

    Zen Moment Setting an Appropriate Yoga Teacher-Student Relationship

  28. Yogi J. Brown

    J. Brown is the founder of Abhyasa Yoga Center in Brooklyn, New York and uses his blog often to look at social and societal issues and the underlying connection yoga has to them or resolving them.

    Zen Moment Does Your Inner Child Need a Time Out?

  29. Yogini from Manila

    Yogini from Manila is a blog run by Jane, a Filipina woman that aims to give a voice to yoga-related activities in the Philippines. The blog explains different styles of yoga available, studios, and local accessories and books in the Philippines .

    Zen Moment Revisiting My First Love

  30. Daily Om

    The Daily Om is fantastic for any yogini just looking for more resources they might be interested in. Books, Top 10 Lists, and life tips are some of the components that make up the website.

    Zen Moment Detoxing Your Body

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