Job Responsibilities and Career Opportunities for Nurses with a BSN

By earning a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN), you’ll be eligible for jobs in leadership positions, which often command a higher salary and allow you to work with less supervision from physicians. This degree is great for nursing students who are just starting out, or even nurses already working in the field who hold an associate’s degree and wish to advance their career. Are you interested in a career in nursing or a nurse looking to earn a higher salary? If so, here’s what you can expect in terms of job responsibilities and opportunities with a BSN.

Daily Tasks for BSN Nurses

With a BSN, you’ll still be a registered nurse (RN), and your job duties will cover a spectrum of tasks, ranging from work you may do now with your ADN such as recording vital signs and helping patients with personal hygiene to more advanced tasks such as helping develop a patient care plan. The real difference here, however, is not in a BSN nurse’s ability to do more complex medical tasks, but rather in the advanced training you’ll receive in leadership, patient coordination, decision-making, and other related skills. With your BSN, you can advance more easily in the field of nursing, since you’re qualified for head nursing and other leadership jobs. Your daily tasks could include managing teams of lower-level nurses, such as LPNs. Pursing your bachelor’s degree will help you qualify for more advanced positions, make you more competitive in the field, and allow you to perform more advanced tasks.

Earning a BSN will allow you:

  • Better job opportunities
  • Higher salaries
  • Career advancement
  • Leadership roles

Career Options for BSN Nurses

Once you have your BSN, a number of career paths open up to you, which is typically not the case if you have just an ADN. Some medical facilities won’t even consider ADN nurses anymore, so right from the start, more nursing positions will be open to you. With the increased demand for qualified nurses and medical personnel, having your bachelor’s degree will make you more competitive in the field. This puts you in the position to have a wider range of job opportunities and the chance to earn a higher salary.

Getting your BSN also gives you the option to go on to get your master’s degree in nursing, which will allow you to advance into more specialized positions. If you pursue an MSN, you then are able to become a nurse practitioner, clinical nurse specialist, nurse anesthetist, or nurse midwife, and you can even go on to get a doctorate, which allows you to work in extremely advanced clinical, teaching, or research positions as a nurse. After you get your BSN, you can also begin to specialize in one area of medicine, such as acute care or mental health.

BSN Educational Requirements

All BSN programs include two parts – classroom learning and hands-on experience at a real-life medical facility. Most, if not all, of the coursework can be completed online. This allows busy students or nurses already in the field to schedule their courses around their schedules. The online setting is designed to cater to those students, so you don’t have to give up your current career in order to earn a higher degree.

If you already have an ADN, earning your degree through an ADN to BSN program allows you to start working as a BSN nurse in about two years. Since you already have an associate’s degree, as long as it’s from an accredited institution, you can complete the program in half the time it takes new nursing students to complete their bachelor’s degree. If you are a student just starting out with a BSN program, expect your degree to take about four years to complete. This can vary some for part-time students versus full-time students. In order to apply for this bachelor’s degree program, you must first either have a high school diploma or GED. You should contact your school directly to find out any specific application requirements.

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