What’s the Average Salary for a Nurse with a BSN?

Because nurses are in high demand in almost all areas of the United States, you can actually make a fairly high salary in this field, even with just a bachelor’s degree. In other fields, you need to earn a master’s degree to be offered the salaries enjoyed by many nurses. And luckily for nurses who already have their associate’s degree, this program can be completed in just two years. If you go back to school for your bachelor of science in nursing (BSN), here’s what you can expect in terms of salary.

Average Salary Information for Nurses

General registered nurses who have their BSN can make between $57,060 and $68,160, depending on the type of environment they work in. These numbers come from The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), and they show nurses working in employment services tend to make more than those who work in hospitals, physicians’ offices, home health care, and nursing facilities. Keep in mind that this takes into account all nurses across all specialties and working for all types of employers in all locations. These are all factors that can affect the salary you’re offered, as can your job title.

One of the ways to make more money as an RN is to take a leadership role. For example, as a nurse case manager, the average salary you can expect is around $60,000 and as a nurse manager you can expect to make around $78,000. Luckily, with a BSN you are eligible for these roles, which is often not the case if you have just an ADN. If you are interested in advancing your career and earning a higher salary, pursuing a higher degree is definitely something to consider. The great thing about the availability of online education is that you can fit your coursework around your career, so you don’t have to choose one or the other. This is also helpful for students paying for their own education who need to maintain their salary.

BSN Nurse Salary by State

Changing your location can lead to a significant increase or decrease in your salary as a nurse. According to the The BLS, which tracks salary information for all RNs, regardless of degree, the highest paid nurses are located in:

  • California
  • Massachusetts
  • Hawaii
  • Maryland
  • New Jersey

California is an especially lucrative state for nurses, with the top five best cities for nurse salaries all found in this state. Of course, remember to take cost of living into consideration. Although California has an average salary for all registered nurses (including RNs who have only an ADN) of over $85,000 annually, cost of living is also higher in many places in this state than you’ll find in some other states. This is an important factor to consider regardless of where you end up working.

BSN Nurse Salary by Employer

Most nurses are employed by hospitals and private practices, but there are some employers that could have you earning much more. Some of the top types of employers for RNs include government departments, medical manufacturing companies, foundations, and organizations. With these employers, you can expect to make over $60,000 annually, and in many places, you can earn even more.

Other factors that may have an effect on your salary also include the level of your degree, as well as any experience you have in the field. This is one of the reasons nurses with only an associate’s degree should strongly consider getting their BSN. It will open up new opportunities for advancement in the medical field.

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