MSN Programs (RN Bridge)

While nursing bridge programs exist at the earliest educational levels, perhaps the most poignant bridge – or fast-track – opportunity today is the RN (registered nurse) to MSN (master of science in nursing) option. Such a program allows existing certified RNs to fast track their way to both a Bachelor of Science in nursing (BSN) and an MSN, leading to exciting long-term career opportunities.

My Degree and What It’s Good For

An RN to MSN bridge program is well-suited for existing nurses who wish to take their career beyond bedside care. Offering a combination of undergraduate and advanced masters-level courses, such an offering significantly shortens the time it would otherwise take for a student to complete both a bachelor’s and master’s program. Students – and notably, their resumes – will be well-equipped for leadership, research, or teaching opportunities, as well as greater future earnings. MSN graduates will also be prepared to continue their studies through a doctor of nursing program or become nurse practitioners, among other opportunities.

My Earning Potential

In addition to the knowledge gained, earning potential is perhaps the most prominent reason for a registered nurse to embark on an RN to MSN bridge program. The nursing industry is seeing exceptional growth with a 26 percent job increase predicted. Median annual salaries are currently about $65,000. The top 10 percent of all registered nurses, however, make more than $95,100 annually (

Online RN to MSN Programs

Top Online ADN to BSN Schools

Nurses with associate's degrees in nursing (ADN) looking to advance their careers and earn higher salaries can often find opportunities to do so by going back to school for a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree. Our featured school, Achieve Test Prep, is one of the few schools offering an accredited online ADN to BSN program.

Featured Program

Earn your ADN degree online in half the time and cost of traditional programs. Achieve Test Prep offers no waiting lists to get started, low cost financing options, and has a 92% pass rate on exams. This can be a great way for LPNs, LVNs, and Paramedics to earn their Associates Degree in Nursing and even an RN license.

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